Expert advice on vehicle towing and recovery

Expert advice on vehicle towing and recovery

Expert advice on vehicle towing and recovery

This article we provides an overview of the responsibilities of towing companies to maintain safety around vehicle crashes.

Towing & Recovery Company Responsibilities

All types of roadside incidents can be towed or recovered by towing and recovery companies. These are some of the most common roadside incidents:

  • Vehicle breakdowns
  • Vehicle collisions with fixed objects, pedestrians, and other vehicles
  • Run off the road (single-vehicle crashes)
  • Load Shift (cargo on the roadwa)

No matter what type of incident it is or who requested it, recovery and towing companies will be called upon to assist.

Expert advice on vehicle towing and recovery

Site Safety

Traffic should be alerted when they approach the scene. To prevent additional vehicles or incidents, flashing lights, flaggers, flaggers, signs, cones, cones, barricades and cones should all be used. To prevent further vehicles from being involved, it is important to consider the distance between the incident and the area of recovery.

All drivers, all responders, all by-standers and any other person must be protected. Fire, explosion, equipment failure, or malfunction can cause injury or death. It is important to establish safe distances so that others are not in danger.

Federal law may require federal law enforcement officers to wear high-visibility clothing, as per ANSI 107-10.

You should immediately identify and remediate any property damage on the scene. This includes fluid debris on the roadway, soil contamination by fluid debris, damage to grass, trees, or shrubs.

Expert advice on vehicle towing and recovery

Remove and Recover Vehicles from Incident Scene

The vehicles should be recovered from the accident scene and placed for loading. A winch and the appropriate rigging (chains or other hardware) will be required. All hardware, including the winch, tow truck and winch, must be correctly sized and in working order. Attachment of the casualty to a structurally important member should be done. To prevent injury or damage, winching should be planned and anticipated in advance.

To ensure that your vehicle is safe and secure, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer for towing and securing it.

Safe keeping for vehicles and property

Additional problems can arise from vehicle damage caused by a crash. A vehicle’s wiring may be damaged, which can cause a fire for hours or days. The interior of the vehicle and its contents can be exposed to the elements if there is damage to the cargo or passenger areas. For protection, thin film wrap (Crash Wrap), should be applied.

Towing and Recovery Companies are able to perform their duties with the right tools and training without adding to injury or damage.